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Talent Booking Case Study





Talu is a percussionist based in Brooklyn, New York. His specialty is the djembe drum. He has been featured on Broadway and toured nationally and internationally with FELA! The Musical. He has also toured as a lead percussionist with Lauryn Hill both nationally and internationally. In addition, Talu has also accompanied many dance troupes as a musician.


Adero Media was retained by The Brooklyn Nets in 2013 to provide drummers to accompany the Brooklynettes dancers for their first home game of the season. The agency hired Talu to arrange a musicial selection with another djembe drummer. The Brooklynettes used the Beyonce track “Grown Woman”, and Talu arranged a special rhythm to play alongside the music.


Since that performance, Talu has been retained to work on special rhythms with a few celebrities, and has participated in a few musical projects both nationally and internationally.