#Ad Safety Message Tips From The #AccuWeatherReadyProgram and The FDNY #BeReady | Adero Media:

#Ad Safety Message Tips From The #AccuWeatherReadyProgram and The FDNY #BeReady

#Ad Safety Message Tips From The #AccuWeatherReadyProgram and The FDNY #BeReady

Full disclosure: AccuWeather has sponsored this content


As the winter season quickly approaches local kids are benefiting from the AccuWeather Ready Program, a new year-round weather preparedness program that focuses on keeping people safe and informed. On 11/22/16, this safety message was provided by AccuWeather Ready in partnership with the FDNY.  Our beloved NYC fireman are giving children and their families the appropriate tools to stay safe this season. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are so grateful for the wonderful service of the FDNY and #AccuWeather. How is your family #accuweather ready? All of the AccuWeather Ready information is available on the 24/7 AccuWeather Network, AccuWeather.com/Ready and the AccuWeather app.

Please visit www.AccuWeather.com/Ready to receive more information and stay informed #ad @AccuWeatherG



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