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Corporate Philosophy / Mission

The growing changes in today’s economy, make it crucial to identify a company that can meet the needs of a client’s brand and their budget. Our team brings life to your vision by creating a customized campaign exclusively designed for you.

The President / Founder

(Adero-Zaire Green)

Adero GreenWith over two decades of freelance event production, creative marketing campaigns, and PR for major NYC agencies and branding experience, Adero-Zaire’s niche for this area was fully-unveiled in 2008 when she re-branded her company Life Giver Entertainment, which solely focused on events, public relations, and artist management to Adero Media, a boutique multi-faceted communications agency. Her desire to make this change took place after observing a need for giving artists, lifestyle clients, and small organizations a face-lift to their brands. The name (Ad-e-ro) comes from Central Africa, and it means giver of life. The very essence of what Adero embodies through the work that she does within her industry.

Adero’s brand moves locally, nationally, and globally through her creative media campaigns, major strategic partnerships, and philanthropic initiatives. She has a B.A. in English and Communications from St. Francis College and a M.A. in English Education from New York University. Her life skills training combined with her educational background has afforded her the opportunity to work with clients in various disciplines.

Adero-Zaire continues to celebrate along her journey, and works tirelessly to create a wonderful legacy for her family through the success of her projects and clients.